December 31st

Instagram remains by a massive margin my most preferred Social Media outlet and since joining on May 1st 2016 I am now privileged to have over 64,000 followers. When I did my #2017bestnine Instagram images it was humbling to see that my 291 posts that year had received a bewildering total of over 1.1 million likes. My most popular image of the year showed a red deer stag during a blizzard and it was of course heartening to see that all but one of my top nine images were of UK wildlife. I am and will always remain a passionate advocate for our astonishing natural history and I am, as ever, completely committed to their protection and conservation for future generations. If one of my images can persuade one person as to the value and importance of these environmentally essential creatures then I count myself extremely fortunate indeed.

Instagram #2017bestnine.jpg